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Overview of Selling Courses

LessonFlyer provides all the features you need to sell access to online courses. When your course website is ready students can pay for access by completing a secure registration form that includes fields for collecting their payment info. 

Connect Banking and Get Verified

Before you're allowed to start selling you need to connect LessonFlyer to a bank account or debit card. Then, after a short verification process you'll be approved to charge students for access to your courses.

LessonFlyer uses Stripe to process credit and debit card payments and transfer money to your connected bank account. You can rest assured that all user and payment information is safe and secure. LessonFlyer does not store bank account or credit card data on its own servers. All payment information is stored and managed by Stripe.

Add pricing

After you've been approved for selling you'll be able to add pricing to your course(s). You can charge students a fixed price for access, charge a recurring fee (subscription) or allow free access. There's also support for free trial periods, time limited access and running multiple offers at the same time with offer codes.

Getting Paid

The money you earn from selling courses is grouped into payouts and sent to your connected bank account or debit card on a rolling schedule. The payout schedule defaults to daily (excluding weekends and bank holidays). Funds are transfered in a payout 2-5 days after a student is charged. The delay between charge and transfer (clearing time) varies based on your established account history.  Payouts are only sent when you have a positive balance.

Viewing Sales

You can see all your course sales in the LessonFlyer admin panel. There are also features for issuing refunds, sending receipts and managing student subscriptions.

The next few help articles go into much more detail on the features described in the overview above. Please continue reading to learn more.