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How to view and manage students in the course admin

You can view and manage the students enrolled in your courses in the LessonFlyer admin panel.

Sign-in to your LessonFlyer account and click Students on the left navigation bar.

Students section in LessonFlyer admin panel
Students section in LessonFlyer admin panel

The first student enrolled in any course will be YOU (see the yellow badge in the screenshot above). When a new course is created you're automatically added as a test student so you can sign-in to the student dashboard while designing and testing your course website.

You can use the drop downs at the top of the table to filter by course and sort the list of students.

Click a student to view their details.

View student screen in LessonFlyer admin panel.
View student screen in LessonFlyer admin panel.

The View Student screen (shown above) lists the courses the student is enrolled, shows any recurring subscriptions they have and lists payments made to purchase access to courses.

The Edit Student dropdown menu in the top-right lets you edit the student's name, contact info and password.

Click a course name in the enrollment table to view the student's progress in the course and see quiz/test results.

Click a payment in the payments table to view detailed information about a payment and see options to issue refunds, send receipts, etc.