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Student Dashboard - Activity Log

The Activity Log screen in the Student Dashboard shows an audit trail of the student's activity in the course.

The link shown in the left navigation menu is called Scores & Activity if the course contains any quizes or tests. If not, then the link and page heading will show as Activity Log and the table with quiz, test scores won't be there.

Activity Log screen in the Student Dashboard.
Activity Log screen in the Student Dashboard.

If a course has any quizes or tests they'll be listed in a table at the top of this screen. If a student has submitted answers to any of them the scores will be shown with a link to drill down and view the results in detail.

An audit trail of student activity is shown in a table with timestamps for each action. It records the dates and times students sign-in to the course, when they complete lessons, etc.

Teachers and course admins can also view this information in the Students section of the LessonFlyer admin panel.