Create online training courses with LessonFlyer

An all-in-one platform with all the features you need to create professional online training courses.

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Course Admin & Dashboard

Build your course outline then add lesson content.

Start by adding a new course. Then add sections and lessons to define your course outline. Add content to each lesson. Create and assign teachers and more.

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Course Website Editor

Design the look and feel of your course website.

Every course gets its own dedicated website. Customize the design with our simple but highly flexible website editor. No coding or design skills required. Apply a theme with just a few clicks, then customize further if desired.

Student Features

Manage and interact with your students.

Students register for your course from a secure enrollment form on the course website. Students can sign-in anytime and complete the course at their own pace. Track progress and interact with your students in your course admin.

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Selling Courses

Sell access to your courses and get paid.

Decide how you want to offer your courses. Allow free access or set pricing and require payment for access to your course content. Money earned is sent to your connected bank account.